Clarens Butterfly Beds Accommodation

Clarens Butterfly Beds offers you self catering family accommodation in Clarens surrounded by beauty and romance. Our accommodation is centrally located and walking distance from most activities in Clarens. We also offer pet friendly accommodation options.       

clarens accommodation pet friendly

Clarens Butterfly Villa

This beautiful Villa will ensure you have a romantic stay in Clarens. It offers self-catering facilities and has great views that you can enjoy on the balcony while watching the sun disappear behind the mountain. After, you can stroll to the village square situated just a block away from the Villa. It is perfect for small families and couples.

clarens self catering accommodation

Berg Cottage

Our Self catering rustic sandstone cottage built in 1929 is situated close to well known hiking trails in Clarens. It is also a short walk away from the Clarens square. It has a lot of history with a wood fired oven to keep you warm on the winter nights. It is private and surrounded with beautiful sandstone cliffs. 

clarens family accommodation

Rosewood Corner

Rosewood Corner offers accommodation only with tea/coffee amenities and a small fridge in each room for the basic necessities. Rosewood is situated a stone’s throw away from great breakfast, lunch and dinner spots and is just a stroll away from the Clarens square where you can experience every type of dish that will satisfy your palate craving.

Whats happening in Clarens

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