Who we are

Di Jones & Penni Korb


Di Jones and sister Penni Korb have been involved in the hospitality industry for many years. Di and Mick Jones bought Malealea Lodge in 1986 and built it in to a thriving tourism venue and spearheaded the Malealea Development Trust which empowers the local community, which the next generation now run and manage. Di and Penni combine their years of hospitality experience to bring Clarens visitors a portfolio of three unique guest houses under the umbrella Clarens Butterfly Beds. Clarens Butterfly Villa and Rosewood Corner are just a block away from the village square, while the historic Berg Cottage is just a short walk away. As avid dog lovers, Di and Penni have ensured that all venues are not only pet friendly, but also pet safe.


Bonzo, Biggles, Milo & Xara

Hi, my name is Bonzo, the gentle giant St Bernard. My siblings, Biggles the Beagle and Mila & Xara, the Biewer Terriers, and I are dedicated hikers, and love to go on walks with our guests.

We live nearby and our commitment to excellence is what makes our Clarens walks stand out. Our months of experience has taught us the streets and walks of Clarens, and has allowed us to build an unshakable reputation as three of the friendliest dogs in the greater Clarens region.  Xara, our baby sister, is eager to learn!